Welcome To The Newbies Wiki!Edit

Hi! Welcome To The Newbies Wiki! As you guessed, a new wiki means almost no articles, but I will get some articles soon! And clubs! Also, here is an important date:

                                             July 20th, 5:45 PM

                        THE 1ST ANNUAL NEWBIE ACADAMY AWARDS!

                                  Please tell me is you can't make it!



                                                      Fijit Friends Newbie Lover (talk)


                                                 TTNWN (The Top Newbies Wiki News)                                                                                          Edit

Monday, February 25th: Hi, TTNWN Readers! I got some sad news: the Newbies Wiki is going to take a short break to get some research done, (hopefully) get more users, and  even......drum roll please........... A SPRING 2013 MAKEOVER! By the time you come back here, all of the clubs will be created (unless Fijit Friends will have a sudden new release), this wiki will have have more cool stuff to look at, and of course A MAKEOVER!!!! YAY!!! The break will start March 19th, and end April 30th. Also, on St. Patrick's Day, this wiki's gonna have A LOT of green. So don't be suprised when you come on that day and see green madness!

The Newbies:Edit









Clubs To Join:Edit

You must join at least 3 clubs to be called an "official" user on the Newbies Wiki. Those 3 clubs can be any that you want, but you have to join 3 or more. To join, just go to the club you would like to join, and leave a comment saying, "I want to join". We will always say yes, unless we know you have done some bad stuff around this wiki OR you have already joined. And I know that this is should be a Newbie only wiki, but the Fijit Friends, Yippits, and Shimmies are part of The Fijit Friends Family too, so let's give them some of the Newbies Wiki spotlight.

Fijit Friends Clubs:

Creating................ Please Hold

Newbies Clubs:

Creating................. Please Hold

Yippits Clubs:

Patter Club

Plooki Club

Creating More................. Please Hold

Shimmies Clubs:

Spinrose Club

Whirlina Club

Polka Club